Personal Hygiene Measures and Personal Protection Means – Sanitary Protocols 

Kountouris Car Rentals, respecting the instructions of the EODY and the current provisions for COVID19, observes all the necessary protection measures to avoid the transmission and spread of the virus.

Below are analyzed the actions carried out by our company to inform our partners for each of our services separately, with a view to the safety and service of our customers.


In our passenger cars with up to seven (7) seats, the permitted number of passengers is one (1) driver and two (2) passengers.

In our eight (8) or nine (9) passenger vehicles, there is one (1) driver and four (4) passengers.

As an exception, exceeding the passenger limit is allowed, only if the vehicle is occupied exclusively by parents with their minor children. In the event that the children are adults, this requirement can be established by showing a police ID or other official document (passport or driver’s license).

For each violation of these provisions, an administrative fine of one hundred and fifty euros (€150) is imposed, with a reasoned act of the competent authority, on both the driver of the vehicle and the passengers.


In our company we take care of the proper cleaning and disinfection of our cars so that our customers feel and are always safe.

We use the top-quality sublimation disinfection device with Saniflux disinfectant liquid, thus guaranteeing you complete disinfection, both inside the car and in the A/C system, after each rental. Our cars are thoroughly cleaned, disinfected and adequately ventilated. Also, before each rental, antiseptic wipes are placed in each car for the customer’s use.


In our office premises, all the prescribed measures are observed in accordance with KYA ​​36857/2020 (Government Gazette 2277B 14/6/2020).

More specifically, we take care to avoid crowding, observe the required distances, avoid touching, shaking hands and generally close physical contact, use of individual protection measures, provision of antiseptic liquid available to everyone, regular disinfection with antiseptic liquid and steam cleaner of the surfaces used.


Our staff is fully trained and informed about covid19 as well as the safe use of personal protective equipment. Takes all the necessary hygiene measures (regular and thorough hand washing), maintains a distance of at least one meter from customers (avoid handshakes) and follows hygiene rules.

During the process of delivering and receiving the car, our office workers wear a non-medical mask when dealing with customers in indoor and closed spaces, our pens used by each customer to sign the necessary documents are thoroughly cleaned

Also, the keys of our vehicles, after each use and before they are delivered to the customer, are disinfected in his presence.

Additionally, it is recommended to our customers to use natural ventilation in the vehicle cabin and in case of using air conditioning to deactivate the
air recirculation. Use credit/debit card for payments, avoid crowding.


In the event that our company is informed of a confirmed case of our client, it strictly follows the instructions of the EODY.

In the above case, the car used by the “sick” customer is disinfected in its entirety using a sublimation device with disinfectant liquid, or it is put out of service for at least 3 days. The area of ​​our office, which the customer had visited, is disinfected using special sublimation devices with disinfectant liquid.

Finally, our employees who came into contact with a customer who was diagnosed as a confirmed case of COVID 19, carry out a mandatory (test) and are quarantined for 7 days.